It’s 4/20 today - BLAZE UP DE FAYA 🇯🇲
Note that. Not all Odysee links are present as there are still lots of channels that have not been claimed yet. For your favourite chennels that you watch, Please I suggest that you go leave polite comments under their videos making them aware of Odysee. Thanks. Moving on.


With the increasing number of channels being created online, it is important to know which ones to watch and what to avoid. You can you use Newpipe to watch the channels on youtube while maintaining privacy. I solely watch these channels for the entertainment, informative and edicational purpose. I am not for or against any sort of political, moral or legal opinions that they might have as an entity, individual and as a person. With that out of the way, lets cut to the chase. Links that have an asterisk in front of them signifies that that some of the content, subjects and topics may not be suitable for audiences suffering from the snowflake syndrome and those who are easily triggered. If there is no asterisk and you still find the suggested channel triggering, get off the internet it’s not for you.
The default links have been changed from youtube to invidious and the odysee links are bolded next to the channel name if available. Enjoy.


  1. Mainly tech
  2. Science and tech
  3. Electronics and DIY
  4. Linux, privacy and more advanced tech
  5. Slow pase and chill
  6. Comedy
  7. Music
  8. Animation
  9. Uncategorized
  10. Scanbaiting
  11. Memes, nonsense, shitposts and YTP

Mainly Tech

The following channels post anything from what the latest tech gadgets are and the current state of technology in general is.

  1. Linus Tech Tips
  2. ThioJoe
  3. Dave2D
  4. Unbox Therapy
  5. 32Megabytes
  6. Austin Evans
  7. Barnacules Nerdgasm * ODYSEE
  8. Blunty
  9. randomfrankp
  10. Tech Of Tomorrow * ODYSEE
  11. Supersaf
  12. Mrwhosetheboss
  13. TechSource *
  14. We Do Tech
  15. Hardware Canucks
  16. Hardware Unboxed ODYSEE
  17. JayzTwoCents
  18. JerryRigEverything
  19. Kevin The Tech Ninja ODYSEE
  20. LowSpecGamer
  21. ExplainingComputers

Science and tech

  1. ColdFusion ODYSEE
  2. Aperture
  3. Veritasium ODYSEE
  4. Vsauce
  5. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell ODYSEE
  6. Brew
  7. Thoughty2 * ODYSEE
  8. styropyro *
  9. Michael Reeves * [comedy]

Electronics and DIY

  1. wermy
  2. DIY Perks
  3. GreatScott! ODYSEE
  4. Hacksmith Industries
  5. Julian Ilett
  6. kipkay
  7. The 8-Bit Guy
  8. ElectronikHeart [French]
  9. N-O-D-E [gadgets] [server] [raspberry pi] [hacking]

Linux, privacy and more advanced tech

  1. SomeOrdinaryGamers ODYSEE [dark web] [deep web] [dank web] [tech drama] [gaming] [malware analysis]
  2. The Hated One * ODYSEE [privacy] [anonimity] [security] [guides]
  3. The Linux Experiment ODYSEE [tutorials] [linux] [server-linux] [linux-maintenence]
  4. Wolfgang’s Channel * ODYSEE [linux customization] [tutorials] [security]
  5. Luke Smith * ODYSEE [linux] [philosophy] [history]
  6. Gardiner Bryant * ODYSEE [linux gaming] [politics]
  7. Chris Titus Tech ODYSEE [linux] [windows] [mac] [tutorials] [networking]
  8. Lunduke on Tech * ODYSEE [Odysee only]
  9. Rob Braxman Tech * ODYSEE [privacy] [advice] [linux] [hardware] [speculation]
  10. Blender Dumbass * [blender] [philosophy] [gaming] [animation] [free software]
  11. Seytonic ODYSEE [penetration testing] [hacking] [arduino] [malware]

Slow pace and chill

  1. Druga1 [nostalgia] [retro] [geek] [hardware] [gaming]
  2. Louis Rossmann ODYSEE [apple] [repair] [macbook] [electronics] [right-to-repair]
  3. Cody’s Lab [science] [physics] [experiments] [explosions]
  4. Cody’s Lab Deleted videos ODYSEE ONLY [science] [physics] [experiments] [explosions]
  5. Daily Dose of Internet ODYSEE - Probably not official and not updated [memes] [random] [chill] [cats] [dogs] [fish] [sports]
  6. exurb1a ODYSEE Not yet synced [philosophy] [reflection] [mind]
  7. Pyrocynical


  1. Drumzy [edgy] [VR] [social]
  2. videogamedunkey ODYSEE Not yet synced/Not official
  3. JonTronShow
  4. KneeCaps
  5. Sora The Troll
  6. Fitz
  7. GradeAUnderA ODYSEE Not yet synced
  8. CalebCity
  9. Life of Boris
  10. bill wurtz [comedy] [random] [jazz]


  1. 8-Bit Keys
  2. Andrew Huang
  3. Boyinaband
  4. Davie504
  5. Kmac2021
  6. DubstepGutter
  7. futura
  8. Ichika Nito


  1. James Lee
  2. Domics
  3. Jaiden Animations
  4. Daidus
  5. TheOdd1sOut
  6. RoomieOfficial

I don’t know what category these ones are in

  1. Joshua Fluke ODYSEE [life] [work] [advice] [comedy] [vlog]


  1. Lewis’s Tech
  2. ScammerRevolts * ODYSEE
  3. Jim Browning

Memes, nonsense, shitposts and YTP

  1. Juston Bibero [Overwatch] [Apex Legends] [YTP]
  2. LevelUpLifting [Overwatch]
  3. sleepy [Overwatch]
  4. Andrewjrt [Overwatch]
  5. Zylbrad [Apex Legends] [Overwatch]
  6. Number1 [Movies YTP] [SFM] [TF2]

Horror, mysteries and creepastas

  1. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
  2. MrCreepyPasta
  3. The Dark Somnium
  4. Nexpo
  5. Dr Creepen

If you want to contribute to this page to add channels of your own and to update, rectify any information, You can do so here, simply fork the repository and, make your changes, and submit a pull-request. I’m still learning this git thing too. So forgive me if merging takes some time.