Short answer


What is RSS?

Put simply, it’s a way to provide a summery of a website in a very simple manner. That can be used to provide a web feed where you can obtain updated information that happens on a website.

How to get updates?

Slow down there for a sec. First of all, you will need an RSS client. Here is what I recommend you use for desktop:


  • Liferea


  • Newsboat

And for Android:

I am not going to cover too much on how to setup the applications, but all of them allow you to add a feed. Use this option and add this following link as a feed. If you paid attention to the link, you will see that this is specifically for the posts section of the website. If you want to get updates on projects, you can change the /posts/ to /projects/ inside of the link. You can also add both for posts and projects and any other sections that may come up in the future.

Some of the desktop applications will not let you read the entire article. As said before it is just a summery. However applications like Handy News reader pulls the entire articles so it makes it easier to read.

Have fun experimenting with RSS. I may do a more in depth review of the mentioned apps. So add this site to your RSS reader so that you don’t miss it and any further updates.

Thanks for the read.