Before that

It is important to know what the end goal was. To make a website. But there are a million and one ways to do that. One could pay an easy site builder website to do it for them and all they would need to do is to supply the content for that site. Or one could learn how this whole shenanigan works and build their own from the ground up(with a bit of help) without reinventing the wheel but just enough to understand really what is going on behind the scenes. In that case the end goal was met with the latter procedures.

Knowledge pours out of every crevice

You just need to scoop it up
There is countless amount of documentation out there. It is super important to read that. It may seem useless and time consuming but it is worth it. Once you have made something with the documentation that you so painstakingly read, you will be able to reproduce that many more times relatively easily.

Take your time

Life is not a race
It is important to let go whenever frustration sets in. But do not leave things in a non functional state. That will only make it harder to pick back up later. When something bad happens for example, all the links to the pages get messed up, before continuing to edit and test repeatedly, it’s better to just go back on a working state of your project and either take a break or slowly make changes to see exactly at what point things start to mess up.

Make it fun

For you and others
Notice how I’m not going into too much technical detail and every single step that I did? This is because I don’t want to get bored writing this and bore you too, This is not a school project. It’s something that is meant to be simple, fun and to the point.

Remember what you did

Keep in memory be it by writing it down or practicing whatever has carried you to a goal.

Thanks for the read.