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I always thought that having a powerful and feature packed electronic device at ones disposal would be really nice. So this is why I got myself some raspberry Pis to play with. I have a jellyfin server at home that I can access from anywhere. However, I think that it would be even better to be able to carry a server with me if I am going outside to not depend on other people’s services or waste bandwidth on using my own services that are hosted somewhere else. Plus it’s just super cool.


I could just save the data to my phone and watch my content through that. If you think like that, YOU ARE NO FUN.
Remember while I have the jellyfin server at my disposal, It can also do lots of different things besides just hosting media. I can also use it as a file server using either Nextcloud or OpenMediaVault or just plan good-old rsync.
I can use it to offload and re-encode videos into libre media formats while I shoot videos in real time.
In case of slow connections, I can have the Pi automatically pull videos from my favorite channels in the background and play them later on jellyfin.
There are many possibilities at hand here.

Hardware I am using

  • Raspberry Pi 4B 1GB RAM
  • 5 inch TFT LCD touch screen (for debugging pueposes)


As of now, the Pi is connected to a 5 inch touch screen hat so that I can see the TTY and other stuff in case I can’t connect from other devices to administer it and an external USB SSD drive. Once everything works as I want to, I may swap the screen to a smaller 3.5 screen or just get rid of it altogether.
I saw a nice looking oled screen online which I may be able to use to quickly interface with the features.
I used this article to set up jellyfin on the Pi. If the page is down, Here is a summery.

The only thing that needs to be done at this point is to put it in a nice case. But I am not really sure what to go for. The case has to fit in a regular backpack and be well ventilated so that the Pi does not overheat. Or I may put it on the exterior of the backpack by using a strap or something.
I have seen cases that have an opening for a screen on one end and also comes with heat sinks and a fan. Ones that just hose the Pi and ones that have built in M.2 slots for additional storage. It would be nice to have one that allows the use of a screen and the M.2 storage too. I will have to keep looking or maybe one of you readers can tell me in the 👇comments👇. The cases that I have already looked at are:

The beautiful FLIRC case
The generic acrylic cases
The acrylic cases that come in layers
The Quad SATA NAS case
The 3.5 inch screen case

And a few others generic looking ones.
p.s. I am aware that some of the cases in the images are for older models. But rest assured that they are also available for the one I’m using.

I wish there was a mix between the argon one and the 3.5 screen case; let me know in the 👇comments👇 if you know about one like this. The quad SATA NAS case has a screen on top and I might just get that one. I’m not 100% sure however the argon one is way more portable. So if I basically have to either choose between data redundancy or portability. But since I’m not going to be storing important data on there I think I’ll lean on portability more.
Stay tuned for the followup posts.
Thanks for the read 💚

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