• Oh I need windows for work and/or school.
  • Oh I already learned windows and the software that comes with it.
  • Oh I think tha linux is too difficult.
  • I can't find good alternatives.

These are some debatebly fair points to have for someone who uses the windows operating system and the suite of programs that come with it.

So to hopefully help people who are both aware or unaware of the privacy implications of windows to get comfortable using better software to transition to linux later on.

For those who are not aware of the weird things that windows does, here is the rundown.

  • There is no way to verify what is going on during a windows update.
  • If you are using an internet connection on windows, applications will install by themselves.
  • Changes happen without your concent.
    • Default browser changes
    • ACTUAL VALID CD key gets rejected because you upgraded your RAM, Changed a motherboard/hard drive.
  • All application usages is tracked by microsoft and that data is also sold to third-parties.
  • There is no sensible way to verify what kind of tracking data is actually being sent to microsoft.
  • Settings change by themselves after an update.
  • Not restarting often results in increased RAM usage.

Among a lot of other annoying things mentioned in this article by BlenderDumbass on Odysee.

Now those things can be mitigated and prevented. BUT only by a fairly experienced user.
The average users are not going to know how to safely protect themselves from tracking and privacy violations.

For a guide on how to make windows more secure and private, please check out this video from TechLore.

If you have already moved to GNU/Linux or some other freedom and privacy respecting operating system, you may want to check out this article here or on Odysee. It has a list of FOSS programs that you can take advantage of while maintaining your freedom and privacy.

Now what?

So now, I’m going to give you a list of software that you can get used to before you switch to a more privacy and freedom respecting operating system such as GNU/Linux.

Alright let’s go!

Download links are as such:
SF = SourceForge
MG = MajorGeeks
Official = From the official website
MS-Store = The baked in microsoft store

DISCLAIMER The download links are simply here for convinience. Please be careful when downloading things off of the internet. Use VirusTotal to check whether a downloaded file is infected or not. Turn on windows defender and real-time protection.

Notice Please bare in mind that the mention of the word free in “free softawre” within this article does not mean free as in “no price tag” it means free as in freedom or otherwise known as the french word libre.


  1. MS Office
  2. Windows game/screen recorder alternative
  3. Photoshop alternative
  4. Illustrator alternative
  5. Audition alternative
  6. FL Studio alternative
  7. OneNote alternative
  8. Bitlocker alternative
  9. Outlook alternative
  10. For Cleanning up trash files
  11. For erazing recoverable data
  12. For recovering files

Microsoft Office alternative

Windows game/screen recorder alternative

Photoshop alternative

Illustrator alternative

Audition alternative

FL Studio alternative

OneNote alternative

  • Joplin (less features compared to OneNote) SF
  • Xournal++ (Similar to OneNote) Official
  • TreeSheets (More mindmapping oriented) MG
  • Nextcloud Notes Paid or Self Hosted for free Official

Bitlocker alternative

  • Veracrypt SF

Outlook alternative

DO NOT USE OUTLOOK! Use the email provider’s web interface OR if you have to use a desktop mail client, check out these:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird Official
  • Mailspring Modern Interface SF

Some good utilities

For Cleanning up trash files

When you move to GNU/Linux or BSD, the equivalant to this appliation is QDirStat

For erazing recoverable data

For those who may ask why would I need to erase recoverable data? There may be an instance where you have borrowed a storage device such as a friend’s external harddrive for example to backup some of your personal files temporarily. And even if you delete the files, the actual content of the deleted files are not erazed but rather just the index to the file so that is can be overwritten later. But bleachbit does what it says in the name. It writes zeros on data that is not supposed to be there. So that you can return the borrowed drive without worrying about your friend trying to find out what you did with their drive.
In oOga bOoga caveman words, it means that. Delete = Recoverable and BliachBit = Non-recoverable.

For recovering files

  • FreeRecover SF

Wrapping up

I hope that you transition away from using software that does arbitrary, non concentual and annoyting things to you. Please share this article to raise awareness of the existance of better software out there. A big reason for which free software is not well known is because there is no marketting similar to how microsoft does it with windows and office.

Today I showed my mom how to use libreoffice calc. And the way she used it was simillar to how she used MS excel with little effort. She was able to understand the program quickly. This program will never ask her to activate a paid license or any of that nonesense.

If you read that far, A thousand thanks go your way from the bottom of my heart. Please leave suggestions along with some ideas in the comments if you got any. And if you want to support this work, please concider donating some LBC or other cryptocurrencies Once again I thank you. ♥♥♥♥♥