We got listed on yandex

Baby steps

AyyZee.net is now listed on yandex which is one of the search engines that duckduckgo pulls their results from. At the time of writing this post, AyyZee.net is not listed on duckduckgo yet.

Why care?

Just having a site up and running is not enough. There needs to be a way for people to find it through search terms.

To be able to get your message across, people should be able to find the message itself in the first place.

What’s next?

Not sure if that’s ever gonna happen but I also wanted to get this site listed on google. But you are required to give a phone number to sign up to google. And a lot of the services that allow you to receive SMS from google don’t work. So screw google! Who needs them anyways. There are other ways to get ourselves out there. So I look forward to seeing this site listed on duckduckgo.

ayyzee.net is also listed on google. I did not need to do anything.

Thanks for the read