What happened?

The organization from who I rented the site’s server on took it down without notice. I am not in their chat service that is irc, but at least an email would be nice. I’m running the site on my backup server at the momment and it this happens to be taken down, I’ll just host the site on my own dedicated server. All be it it may have more downtime, but at least I won’t be relying on someone else’s services. Just when you think that things are going well, someone is gonna kick you in the nuts.

Why it might have happened?

To be totally honnest, I have no idea, I did not abuse their service. And paid a lot of crypto for that VPS. I sent them an email and lets see if they reply maybe there will be a reason in it.

Have fun you guys because no matter what happens, I’ll still be here and will fight for a more open and free internet as it was intended to be.