No table of contents since this is gonna be short.

So. There is this movie called “I’m not even human” It’s about a time and place where people who are under 18 are considered as not even human. The movie is intentionally cringe so don’t cringe too hard when you are watching it. You can do so here or here.

I recommend that you watch it before reading on.

I am just making the art for it’s game as I will get some game art experience from it. I will talk more about the art style and my experience. As @blenderdumbass will be making the code.

If you want to discuss about the game and share ideas, you are welcome to join the I’m not even human matrix chat

Also, I have a matrix space to talk about general and pixel art stuff here


So the movie is centered around the character 79. He is at a facility where minors are considered to be treated just like private property. Kinda like legal human trafficking. The point is to illegally get out with the help of your partner Pito. They take off in a car and the movie goes on. I won’t say much more.

Now, if you have watched the movie, you will notice that the art style of the models and buildings are quite unique and stiff like. That was kind of the intention of @BlenderDumbass. The animation is also very wooden. Now here the challenge here is to determine how this is all going to be represented as pixel art let alone isometric pixel art.

Art style

Ok. So there are many kinda of pixel art. There is top-down, orthographic and isometric as well as some others that I don’t know the name of. Anyways, after some discussion we settled on using isometric. So that means that I will be drawing one character from 8 angles as well as animate them. We also made some tillable blocks. I will not be putting them here. If you want to see for yourself, Join the matrix chat where we are discussing it and also check out the git repository on notabug.

If you want to see and interact with us live, check out DeadPixels on odysee. If you manually search for the channel, I can’t confirm that you will get the exact channel so to not miss a livestream, be sure to follow the channel and bookmark it.

See you

I know this is a short one. But please do check it out. Thanks for the read.