THIS POST IS OUTDATED This is from when i was trying to set up and host my own matrix server. However, I am using the official element server for now.(see homw page).


I’m having some trouble with the matrix server and it is kind of a hassle to get working properly. So I think that I will be trying to get XMPP up and running soom and we’ll see how that goes. Wish me luck.

Here it is


Warning Federation does not work yet so you will have to register on the server.

You will be able to register or use your existing matrix username(at least you should be able to…) and chat and have a good time. I will also post this on odysee tomorrow, right now is sleep time. I’m done for the day. I just want to drop. Anyways. Don’t post weird stuff on the chat, yadayadayada and all that.

See ya