Why AyyZee?

Why do I choose to call myself AZ here? Simply because my friends do. I was doing it for simple convenience before. But the more my friends called me that, I felt like the way they said those 2 letters, A and Z together was cool. That’s why. After making this website official, I saw that there were other people named AyyZee. Some guy on YouTube and soundcloud. I am none of those guys. This and odysee are the only place you will find me.

I have done some other stuff before on the internet. But with all the de-platforming and privacy violations that is going on these days, I felt like it would be better if I just did my own thing. Not having to abide by the standards of someone else. I had a twitter account that got hacked. Haven’t used it since. Recently, Facebook had a very large data breach that leaked millions of user profiles containing information like email addresses and phone numbers. This can lead to spam and unwanted calls if someone does not compartmentalize the communication methods that they use for online activity. Heck, even Mark Zuckerberg got his profile leaked. But enough of that, you can go check the news for that.

This post is just me thanking my friends for calling me AyyZee.

Thanks for the read