Still needs a bit of work

The boxes are light with black text The buttons might be the wrong size on different devices Not final

Please be nice

I am still ironning out some kinks on the moderation side of things. So please do not leave bad comments. Those will just get removed.

It was quite daunting to set up

I wanted a solution that was lightweight while also allowing annonymous comments with the ability to moderate them. There are ZERO video tutorials on the video platforms and most of the text guides don’t cover the specifics and that includes the official website. But that is to be expected with those kinds of projects. Here is the guide that worked for me. And to make the text in the comment box black, I just tacked on some css in the template of hugo.


All that suffering I went through to get isso working, Multiply that by 2 because the original server that I was using got taken down and I could not figure out the certbot part for ISSO like I did the first time. I think that their documentation is not clearenough. It’s like that meme.

Instructions were unclear.
D*ck stuck in toaster

Anyways It’s now working with commento And the certbot part went super smoothly.

Unfortunately there are some comments that got lost due to the other server messing up on me.
But I should have done backups.


You learn the hard way.
Look at the up side. This one is easier to style.

Test it out below

Now please make you sure that you perform proper internet privacy practices. Do not use your real name if you don’t want to. Don’t use Someone else’s name if it will affect them in a bad way(no impersonation) But if you do, there is nothing I can really do outside of removing some comments. Aside from that, enjoy! 💚 See ya